Optiplex CO2 Laser Cutting System

August 29, 2013

Mazak Optonics Corp. offers the Optiplex CO2 laser cutting system in a new 6- by 12-ft. format. It incorporates the features of the original system, but with an expanded workspace for larger jobs.

The Optiplex 4020 processes materials from thin-gauge steel to 1-in.- thick mild steel, with a workpiece weight capacity of up to 3,527 lbs. It also uses the company’s fully automated AO|5 setup, which helps overcome the challenges of using varied workpiece materials. Optimal cutting conditions are retained, even during extended, unattended operation, the company states.

The PreView Control features a 15- in. touchscreen and a GUI that visualizes the cutting path and automatically determines process conditions, including the required lens, nozzle, feed rate, and laser output for different materials and thicknesses.

The 4,000-W, Type 10 resonator includes an Eco mode to help lower operation costs, the company states.


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